Monday, March 24, 2008



She is my LOVE
My life, breath, and way of being.
When I am with her, there is no
place better.
When she was there by my side and me by hers
that was our way of freeing.
Freeing the mind body and soul, enabling us to
be seeing
Seeing the insightful future and what it
has in store.

To the family she is a beacon
A beacon of light and inspiration
An inspiration to all, her offerings filled
with love.
Her actions filled with might
The mighty power of sight
The insight to lead a new generation.

She is generous beyond reason.
Holidays were beautiful with her by their side.
The luxurious smell of freshly baked goods made the taste
buds bounce with glee.
Presents from her on Christmas eve sent a tide.
A tide of relaxation and comfort to our limbs as we
would hide.
Hide beneath the covers and sleep the night away until
Christmas morn.

So many years filled with joy
Now only a few filled with sorrow.
The sorrow of her decaying life.
The decaying life that pulls at our heart strings forcing
us to borrow.
To borrow another tomorrow
Another tomorrow so she will be with us for an eternity.
The family hides
Hides from the bitter truth of her rapid decay.
The decay that will leave scars for years to come
The years that have meant so much lay
Lay in the hand of God, who will not betray
The betrayal of our sweet, sweet Grandmother’s life.

Frances, is a force to be reckoned with and will be for
years to come.
There was nothing she wouldn’t be willing to do.
Her death sad, her life great and not yet finished.
The greatness that lives inside all of us gives meaning to.
To new life with the memory of our dear Frances, you
You grandma are my life, my love, breath and way of being when
I am with you there is no place better.
She is my mother, grandmother my everything and more I love her
beyond what words can endure. She is not entirely gone but quickly
fading away. So grandma before you leave me behind just know that

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Danielle S. 5 said...

I choose this as my personal piece of writting because this poem is about my past grandmother and this is a very personal subject for me.