Thursday, April 3, 2008

Personal Refection Essay

I have grown a lot this year in English class. I have adapted more efficient ways of writing, portraying meaning, and identifying authors purposes and meanings. This year in honors English was defiantly the most challenging year I’ve had in an honors English class in a while. At the beginning of the year I was up for the challenge of a rigorous English curriculum, but as the assignments started to pour out rapidly that determination turned into an overwhelming realization of reality, and that reality was the rapid discovery that life isn’t always as easy as we think it may be, there are times for play and times for hard, determined work.

At the beginning of this year I thought my biggest strength in the English / literature field was writing. Throughout this year the writing assignments were the most challenging for me partly because the writing assignments were in the form of explications and explications are something that I had grave trouble with toward the beginning of the year and still have trouble with, currently I feel more comfortable writing an explication because I understand the background emphasis and what an actual explication is.

During the middle of the year the transition form second quarter to third quarter was a hard time for me. This was crunch time for me along with other college bound seniors, with the submission of college applications. This was also the same time that I had hard core English explication essays. I would come home work on the essays along with my other homework, and the vigorous attempt of completing my college applications seemed impossible. Eventually it go to the point, where I felt extraordinarily overwhelmed with work and since English homework took me the longest I held off on completing it so I could get done with my college applications. I told myself that I would pass this assignment in late, just another day, and this assignment went to that assignment to the next assignment from the next and so on and on, until it got to the point where I was weeks late on important assignments. In the end it wasn’t worth it to push off these important assignments because I wound up having to make them up in a day in order to pass for the quarter, that’s over 4 essay in one week.

If I were to change anything about this year, if I had the opportunity to got back and do something over I would take one on one time with myself, and someone who know me well and making sure that I adapted adequate time management skills

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